Automated Retargeting ads for eCommerce

  • run retargeting ads more quickly and efficiently than any agency would
  • remind people about the products they viewed on your store and boost sales by up to 200%
  • convince the indecisive shoppers with 600% return on ad spend
  • recover abandoned carts even after the iOS14 update
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Retargeting platforms

Adwisely lets you run a variety of Retargeting ads for your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube

6 in 10 online brands see significant raise in conversions once they start retargeting

How Retargeting works

Adwisely does all the ad setup for you—we add all your products to a Product Catalog, create Retargeting ads and show them to people who left your store without buying anything. These people click on ads, come back to your store and make a purchase.
  • With Standard Retargeting on Facebook, you can re-engage your store visitors

  • Enhanced Cart Recovery will let you reach cart abandoners on Facebook & Instagram

  • Retargeting on Google will find your future customers on hundreds of websites, including Gmail and YouTube

Success Stories

Retargeting VS Prospecting: what's the difference?


Audience: people who viewed your products and/or added them to cart, but left without buying anything

Expected result: Purchase

Average ROAS: 6x and higher


Audience: people who have never been to your store, but are interested in the products you are offering

Expected result: Visit to your website

Average ROAS: 4x and higher

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