Automated Prospecting ads for eCommerce

  • run prospecting ads more quickly and efficiently than any agency would
  • acquire new customers and raise brand awareness
  • showcase up to 50 of your best-selling products
  • grow audience for Retargeting by up to 3x
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Prospecting platforms

Adwisely lets you run Prospecting ads for your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube

Prospecting ads powered by Adwisely can help you reach over 1,9B people worldwide

How Prospecting works

Adwisely automatically takes your product pages, turns them into Prospecting ads and shows them to people who have never been to your store, but will definitely like your products. These people click on ads and come to your store. They either make a purchase or later see Retargeting ads.
  • With Prospecting on Facebook, you will reach out to brand new audiences on Facebook and Instagram

  • With Prospecting on Google, you will acquire new customers on Google and YouTube

Success Stories

Prospecting VS Retargeting: what's the difference?


Audience: people who have never been to your store, but are interested in the products you are offering

Expected result: Visit to your website

Average ROAS: 4x and higher


Audience: people who viewed your products and/or added them to cart, but left without buying anything

Expected result: Purchase

Average ROAS: 6x and higher

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