We are Adwisely

a simple and affordable

online ad automation solution for eCommerce

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Our founders

Adwisely founders, Pavlo and Volodymyr, set out on a mission to make online ads easy and efficient.

Pavlo Matviienko


9 years

of experience in developing and scaling MarTech solutions for eCommerce clients. Ran online stores & Ad Agency


Shopify Partner & Expert

Volodymyr Vorobei


9 years

of leading technologies teams and building technical architecture.


a billing system for the biggest (30M+ MAU) photo bank in EU

Together, the founders have:

  • launched several eCommerce stores on Shopify
  • developed a social marketplace for DTC brands who don’t have their own online stores
  • run an advertising agency to help DTC brands integrate tech-advanced ad solutions
  • pivoted to a SaaS solution—Adwisely

Our team

A team of professionals behind Adwisely strives to develop the best online ad solution for eCommerce SMBs

Our mission

Our mission is very simple:

we want to make online ads both super easy and super efficient. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • we fully automated Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram
  • we introduced a handful of efficient ad tactics like Customer Acquisition, Cross-Sell and Special Offer
  • we simplified the setup and launch of Google Ads
  • we successfully overcame the iOS14 crisis and kept on delivering great results despite the limitations
  • we introduced TikTok ads help online stores reach 1B+ of their potential customers

All this helped us bring over $1 billion
worth of orders to our users

By Dec 2024 we want to:

Our vision

We want to become the only platform eCommerce stores need to run efficient online ads.
By Dec 2024 we want to:
Automate ad management for all major platforms to maximise the reach

Upcoming: and more
Implement machine learning techniques to bring more sales at lower cost

Current average ROAS:


Planned average ROAS: