Easy automated Facebook ads for eCommerce

For easy-to-create & effective Facebook ads, get Adwisely—the only Facebook advertising tool you will need. We help you run efficient ads even after the iOS14 update.
  • automate your Facebook ads with a Meta Business Partner
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What is the best way to set up Facebook automated ads?


With Adwisely, a Facebook ads automation platform, you can do all this and set up a full funnel of effective Facebook ads automatically in just a few clicks. Our user's record is 10 minutes from app installation to a live ad. Can you beat it?

Manual Setup

You can set up Facebook ads via Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager. Setting up all the necessary assets like Facebook Page, Business Manager, Meta Pixel, Product Catalog, and Ad Account will take you around 2-3 days. It may take another you another day or two to come up with proper ad creatives, understand Facebook targeting tools and make an ad. Make sure that you plan a week or so to get the grip of Facebook ad optimization and learn where to find all the necessary ad performance metrics.

How efficient are Facebook ads for online stores?

300% ROAS

with manual setup

Facebook ads can reach your customers on mobile and desktop devices, targeting various Facebook audiences based on their interests and previous purchasing behavior. This is why it's not surprising that, with some proper testing and sufficient daily budget, ads run from Facebook Ads Manager bring, on average, 200%-300% ROAS.

700% ROAS

with Adwisely

Automated ads on Facebook powered by Adwisely work even better - as they constantly optimize your ad based on its performance, on average, each ad brings $600-$700 in sales for every $100 you invest in ads. They also help you save time and money ;)

How do automated Facebook ads for ecommerce look?

To help you effortlessly scale your digital marketing efforts and let you offer your products in as many places as possible without spending an eternity to come up with multiple ad creatives, Adwisely automatically creates ads on a number of placements with just a few clicks.

Desktop Newsfeed

A large ad with 1-10 products from your online strore designed as a regular post inside the newsfeed.

Mobile Newsfeed

An ad with 1-10 products that appears in the mobile version of Facebook and inside the official Facebook app.

Desktop Right Column

A smaller ad with 1-2 products from your website located on the right-hand side of the screen. This type of ad stays on the screen as the user scrolls through the newsfeed.

Facebook Stories

A large ad with 1-10 products from your online strore designed as a regular post inside the newsfeed.

Messenger Inbox

A large ad with 1-10 products from your online strore designed as a regular post inside the newsfeed.

Facebook Instant Articles

A large ad with 1-10 products from your online strore designed as a regular post inside the newsfeed.

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I am using this app for almost 3-4 months and yes, I am getting the result I wanted from this app. I must recommend this app if you don't want to run your Facebook or Google ads.



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Simple, easy to set up, great support, and a super-effective way to gently nurture your customers back to your site



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Until androids start running AI Facebook ads, Adwisely remains the best Facebook ads software

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