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What is the best way to set up Instagram paid ads?


With Adwisely, an Instagram ad creation and optimization platform, you can do all this and set up ads on Instagram in just a few clicks - all you need to do is set your budget and approve ad text. The app will then do all the lead generation and retargeting on Instagram for you. It took one of users just 10 minutes to go through the app installation process and create an ad. Can you do it even faster?

Manual Setup

You can set up Instagram Stories ads or Instagram Feed ads directly from the app - you will need to learn how to advertise on Instagram and set up a business account first. Alternatively, you can run Instagram advertising from your Facebook Business Manager. Either will take you around 2-3 days to learn about and get started. Make sure that you plan a week or so to get the grip of Instagram ads optimization and, of course, to make sure that your ads on Instagram help you help you reach specific goals from your marketing strategy.

How efficient are Instagram ads for online stores?

300% ROAS

with manual setup

Ads on Instagram are one of the best tools for lead generation and engagement. Instagram paid ads let you reach your current and potential customers with a variety of engaging mobile-only ad formats like Instagram Stories ads and Instagram Feed ads. There ads bring, on average, 200%-300% ROAS.

700% ROAS

with Adwisely

With Adwisely, Instagram retargeting and prospecting ads are more efficient - on average, both types of ads help onlne store owners get $600-$700 worth of oreders for every $100 invested in online advertising. If you want to sell more and save time and money, Adwisely is the app for you.

How do automated Instagram ads for ecommerce look?

Adwisely was created to put your digital marketing on the next level - it helps you offer your products in more than 15 different places - all without spending hours to come up with ad texts and images for each placement. The app automatically creates mobile-only Instagram ads with just a few clicks.

Instagram Feed

A 1-10-product Instagram feed ad appears in the world’s most popular photo-sharing network.

Instagram Stories

A 1-product that is presented as an Instagram story ad

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Customer service is great

Very good app. The customer service is great, there is always someone to answer regard any problem, and also the results are very good (high ROAS)

Athlete Passion


I'm getting 800%+ ROAS

I used the Adwisely and just within the trial period only I'm getting 800%+ ROAS. It's quick and super easy to set up. With the option of also finding new prospects, this app is a must have for Facebook marketing! The support team is quite responsive and helped me set up the campaign without any difficulties.



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