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How efficient are Facebook & Google ads for Shopify?


average ROAS

Obviously, the main point of any sales channel for online retail is to grow the number of purchases. Facebook and Google ads for Shopify help you do just that - on average, you can sell $200-$300 worth of products if you invest $100 in ads. The average ROAS goes up to 6x-7x if you use a right Shopify retargeting app like Adwisely.


online stores

installed Adwisely



across Facebook, Instagram, and Google

It's also important to remember that online ads are helpful when it comes to lead generation. Even if the campaign doesn't boost sales directly, it helps you gather an audience of potential buyers whom you can later convince to add a product to cart and complete a purchase. Once you link your Shopify store to Facebook & Google ad cabinets and start advertising, you can set up a proper funnel of ads and increase the average conversion rate by 100%.

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I got a ROI of 700%

This app is fantastic. I got a ROI of 700%. It is very easy to integrate and their support is very fast. I think this is a very good investment

Minty Bands

Easy to use and understand

5.5x return after 10 days, easy to use and understand, fairly consistent results. Will be continuing for sure!

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Is my Shopify store ready for Facebook & Google ads?

Both Facebook and Google have guidelines for products that are allowed for promotion on the platform. Before you start boosting sales with online ads, make sure that you don't promote:
  • tobacco and smoking-related products

  • drugs and unsafe supplements

  • weapons

  • adult products

  • counterfeit goods

You can find a full list of prohibited and restricted items here.

How do I create Facebook & Google ads for Shopify?

The easiest way to run online ads for your Shopify store is to get Adwisely. To begin with, you need to make sure that:
  • you have selected a paid plan for your Shopify store

  • you have at least 1 product available

  • you have at least 3000 monthly store visitors

You will then need to:
  • make sure your domain is verified on Facebook

  • check the Meta Pixel event settings

That's it—Adwisely will do the rest!

Check out all the requirements here.
If you aren't sure how to link Shopify to Facebook or Google - or got any other questions - just message us at or via the in-app chat. Our Support specialists are always happy to help!

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FAQ: Facebook and Google ads for Shopify

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