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How to automate Facebook and Google Ads for Shopify store

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Back when the majority of advertising was in print, it was much more difficult to calculate exactly how effective an advertisement was or segment different advertisements by a specific audience.

Today, new automatic advertising tools allow you to promote your stores through various advertising formats on online platforms, focusing on very specific client profiles.

Launching and maintaining contextual advertising campaigns can take a lot of routine work. For each campaign you need to:

  • choose an attractive merchandise photo;
  • write ads;
  • plan a budget;
  • choose an audience.

And this is only part of the tasks that need to be completed before launching the campaign. What if there are several such campaigns?

Automatic data collection and analytics have made it possible to track campaigns and count conversions, tag every visit to your website with ads, monitor purchases or bounces with tags, and so on. This level of detail means that more data is taken into account than ever before. Based on this data, you can optimize the effectiveness of your campaign. The built-in automated advertising tools of Facebook and Google Ads for your Shopify store will come in handy for this.

The benefits of automating ads for your Shopify store

Facebook and Google’s ad automation is being used to reduce much of the day-to-day ad work for store owners who wish to focus on growing their stores and shoppers. For ad customizers, automation can help focus on activities where expertise is really needed, such as creating new ads and finding new audiences, with autoconfigured ads doing most of the work.

Before we help you figure out how to automate your Shopify ads store on Google and Facebook, let’s look at a few benefits.

Interested and active user base

Together, Google and Facebook have 6 billion monthly active users. In addition, Facebook owns Messenger and Instagram, and Google owns the YouTube entertainment platform. Together, they add up to a huge potential for active, engaged traffic to click through to your Shopify store.

Automatic customer Shopify retargeting based on machine learning

All likes and links made on Facebook create detailed user profiles that advertisers can connect to through targeted ads. Google stores data about the interests of users and their search queries through cookies and, based on this, issues targeted ads. Machine learning matches products from your Shopify store with a list of user interests, which increases the likelihood of reaching and converting the target audience.

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Why customize Facebook and Google Ads for Shopify Store?

More than four billion people use Google. Google processes more than 90,000 searches every second. Facebook is one of the most visited social networks today, with 2.9 billion monthly active users. With the boom in online sales in the e-commerce sector, More than 24 million eCommerce stores exist on the World Wide Web, with projected sales of $5.4 billion in 2022. 

Only eCommerce platform Shopify powers more than 1.59 million online stores. However, in the midst of an abundance of online goods, the competition is incredibly fierce. It is extremely difficult for Shopify store owners to reach their target audience and turn them into customers. In order to effectively reach your potential customers and retain existing ones, we advise you to create and run high-converting Google and Facebook advertising automation campaigns that target different sets of audiences.

For every dollar that stores spend on automate Google Ads, they can expect to earn an average of $8 in revenue. Meta has an affiliate network for its advertising, which gives advertisers the opportunity to place ads not only on Facebook but also on the Internet. Thus, Facebook advertising automation is one of the best acquisition channels for Shopify stores, as it delivers an average conversion rate of 2.49%.

As a Shopify store owner, you have an important foothold when it comes to using Facebook and Google Ads. You can automate your advertising campaign for these two resources, which will be fully connected to and managed through your Shopify store. This feature allows you to sell your products directly on the Facebook or Google platforms (YouTube, Gmail) and update your store’s inventory in real-time.

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How to create automated Facebook ads for the Shopify store. Step-by-step guide

In order for your Shopify Facebook ads to work, you need to add the Shopify Facebook Channel app. Don’t forget to add Facebook Meta Pixel to show ads to your store visitors and create audiences to reach out to new potential customers. After installing the application, you just need to connect your Facebook page. Facebook needs 48 hours to review your store, and then you’re ready to go. 

How to create automated Facebook ads for Desktop. Step-by-step.

  1. Login to and to get started.
  1. Create Facebook Business Manager using your Facebook personal account. 
  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.
  1. View the options for marketing campaigns or automation. To do this:
  • Go to Automations, and then click Create automation.
  1. Enter a name.
  1. Add the required details. You can preview automation before you save or publish.
  1. Save a draft or publish:
  • To save a draft, click Finish later.
  • To publish automation, click Publish.

How to create automated Facebook ads for Mobile: Step-by-step guide

  1. From the Shopify app, tap Store, and then tap Marketing > Automations.
  1. Tap Create automation.
  1. Enter a name for automation.
  2. Enter the required details. You can preview automation before you save or publish.
  3. Save a draft or publish:
  • To save a draft, tap Finish later.
  • To publish the campaign or automation, tap Publish.

How to create automated Google Ads for Shopify store: Step-by-step guide

At first, you’ll have to set up the Google Channel in Shopify, before integrating your campaigns with Shopify.

  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.
  1. To view the options for campaigns or automations:
  • To create an automation, go to Automations, and then click Create automation.
  1. Enter a name.
  2. Add the required details. You can preview automations before you save or publish.
  3. Save a draft or publish:
  • To save a draft, click Finish later.
  • To publish a campaign or automation, click Publish.

What is the Google Smart Shopping campaign?

Google Smart Shopping campaigns are paid advertising that can help you increase traffic to your store, drive visitors flow, and promote your product. You will be able to introduce your products to new customers or remarket to existing customers in all available ad formats across all Google-owned platforms.

Shopify’s Google channels can help to reach new buyers and drive sales. Here are three different ways to do it.

Free listings 

Free listings – list your merchandise for free in front of millions of shoppers looking to discover products like yours.

Customers who search in the Shopping tab have a direct intent to buy a product, so your product listings in these search results may convert better than regular search results. In addition, new customers are more likely to discover your products when they search in the Purchased tab, as only approved products are displayed there. Your products may also appear as a rich snippet on the search results page to search for similar products.

Buy on Google

Buy on Google – customers can check out directly on Google from your product listings. 

To use the Buy with Google feature, you must have Shopify payments enabled. This feature allows customers to buy your product and pay directly to Google as soon as they discover it. You can manage your orders, returns, and payments from the Shopify admin panel.

Paid Smart Shopping campaigns – the last way is to manage orders, payments, and returns within Shopify.

With the Google channel, you can keep your products up to date and easily handle everything else within Shopify. Promote your products across Google search, YouTube, Gmail, the web to increase traffic to your store with paid ads set up on Shopify. To start your Smart Shopping campaign, just set up your daily budget and let smart technologies optimize your ads to reach the right shoppers to become your happy customers.


Ignoring the possibility of automate ads means voluntarily depriving yourself of the advantages and material benefits that your competitors are most likely already enjoying. Human labor is too valuable to be spent on jobs that machine learning can do better. This is a convenient tool to reduce the number of routine tasks, which helps marketers and store owners to offload more important things. Today, a huge number of people use such services, they have good potential, which will be revealed along with the improvement of automate machine learning advertising technologies.

With Adwisely, you can effortlessly set up automated ads on Facebook, Google Search as well as on Instagram, YouTube, and Gmail within Shopify. The app enables you to set up your first campaign in under 15 minutes and allows you to spend as little as 5 minutes a day managing your ads on these platforms.