Automated Cross-Sell & Upsell ads for eCommerce

  • run cross-sell and upsell ads more quickly and efficiently than any agency would
  • increase average order value by 15-20%
  • get more loyal customers and repeat orders
  • bring value with personalised offers
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Cross-Sell & Upsell platforms

Adwisely lets you run Cross-Sell and Upsell ads for your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube

You are 65% more likely to sell to an existing customer —and that’s what Cross-Sell and Upsell are for!

How Cross-Sell & Upsell works

Adwisely analyzes your product range, makes connections between product categories and prices and, based on this info, creates automated ads featuring your products.
  • With Cross-Sell, you will target people who bought something from you and offer them a product that is complementary to the one they bought

  • With Upsell, you will target people who viewed your products and offer them a more expensive version of the product they were interested in

Success Stories

Cross-Sell VS Upsell: what's the difference?


Audience: people who viewed your products, but haven't made a purchase yet

Product in ad: a more expensive version of the product your potential customer recently viewed in your store.
e.g. a $50 shirt is shown to those who viewed a $40 shirt

Average ROAS: 6x and higher


Audience: people who recently bought something from you

Product in ad: a product that is somehow complimentary to the one your customer previously bought.
e.g. a belt is shown to those who recently bought jeans from you

Average ROAS: 6x and higher

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