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Motor Vehicles store runs Retargeting ads at full throttle & gets 8887% ROAS

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Adwisely makes online advertising easy and efficient. What’s more important, however, is that it lets online stores save time and grow their sales by fully automating online ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Google ads for them. We are proud to have helped thousands of online businesses and would like to share some of their stories.


Platform: 🟢 Shopify
Primary product category: 🏍️ Motor Vehicles > Motorcycles & Scooters
Primary markets: 🇺🇸 USA / 🇨🇦 Canada
Adwisely user since: 📅 July 2019

Key challenges

  • store visitors leaving without making a purchase as they weren’t ready to make a big purchase
  • abandoned carts


Retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting appeared to be the most obvious answer to the window shopping and cart abandonment issues. In less than 30 minutes, a turn-key, fully automated Retargeting ads were launched on 11 placements across Facebook & Instagram.

Retargeting carousel ad on Facebook News feed powered by Adwisely

What made those ads special was the fact that they were dynamic – each of the store visitors got a reminder about the store AND saw the exact product they were interested in.

To help the customers make a purchase decision faster, the store owner also included a discount into the ad text.

Personal Account Manager

Tackling any challenge is easier if you get professional help. That’s why Adwisely offers services of a personal Account Manager free of charge.

You can message Adwisely’s ad specialists 7 days a week and ask to analyze ad performance, discuss improvement ideas and quickly solve any ad-related issues that could slow down the ad delivery.


In the past 3 months alone campaigns powered by Adwisely helped the store generate almost $240,000 in revenue.

But are the ads cost-efficient? The answer is YES – last quarter Adwisely ads had 8887% return on ad spend – this means that each dollar invested in ads helped generate almost $89 in sales.

Sure, products with high prices – such as motor vehicles – aren’t bought frequently. However, the ads for these products isn’t as expensive as it may initially seem. They bring very good return on ad spend due to the ad platform algorithms that are perfected every year and manage to find very relevant audiences for every eCommerce business.

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Your Turn

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