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eCommerce Product Trends for 2022

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We at Adwisely want to help your eCommerce business stay ahead of the competition – that’s why we are always happy to share insights from industry experts. In this article, Keren Dinkin tells about the factors that will shape eCommerce in 2022 and shares a few products that will sell well this year.

eCommerce is one of the industries that grew exponentially during the pandemic. In the last two years, as many businesses were restricted by lockdowns and quarantines, consumers turned to online eCommerce sites and online marketplaces to purchase practically all kinds of products, including groceries, healthcare products, clothing and accessories, and even exercise equipment. 

As a result, there was a 44% increase in global online sales on company websites and 47% on digital marketplaces. Experts also predict that the industry will continue to grow by 8% every year. 

If you want to start taking advantage of the eCommerce boom or expand your business further, you should stay up to date with eCommerce trends. There are several factors that businesses and entrepreneurs can observe to forecast which products will be in high demand and shape eCommerce in the next few months. These include changing digital technologies and approaches in marketing and advertising, and the growth of social media. 

What will shape eCommerce in 2022

The following factors have been affecting consumer behavior and how businesses conduct their marketing. Experts say that these factors will continue to influence what products consumers will buy online in the immediate future. 

Mobile eCommerce growth

Much of the expansion of the eCommerce industry in 2021 came from mobile eCommerce, the growth of which can be attributed to the increased number of mobile users globally and mobile eCommerce apps. There are now more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide, and many of them spend so much time using their mobile gadgets for communication. They want convenience and ease when it comes to shopping, and mobile-ecommerce delivers what they want. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Businesses now use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to study consumer behavior and improve their understanding of what motivates consumers. Machine learning analyzes massive amounts of data that could give businesses insight into consumers’ future behavior. Meanwhile, AI is now part of what makes eCommerce sites and businesses appealing to consumers, especially in industries such as healthcare and finance. These tools will continue to improve the services of many eCommerce sites. 

Impact of marketplaces

Online marketplaces are more convenient for many mobile users since they offer a variety of products. They make it easier for consumers to purchase products, and they do not have to switch between several brand websites to shop. Also, these marketplaces offer discounts and free deliveries that a brand’s eCommerce website may not offer.  

One of the biggest online marketplaces today is Amazon. The variety of trendy products on Amazon, coupled with the ease of delivery and payment options, has increased demand over the years.

Advanced advertising forms

eCommerce growth is also fueled by advertising strategies that are more effective through digital media. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are now used by many businesses to show their brands and products on search engines. These strategies have made eCommerce marketplaces and brand websites more visible to consumers.   

Social Media eCommerce

Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are also becoming powerful tools in eCommerce. These platforms could be used for advertising and promotion. 

Additionally, many social media influencers act as direct promoters of certain brands or services. They can create promotional posts with direct links to the products. Influencers can also actively campaign for brands, encouraging consumers to try products that they also use. TikTok is one of the most powerful social media platforms right now, and many influencers are using it to promote not only their own brands, but also other products and services that might appeal to their followers.

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Top eCommerce product trends

There are many products that will continue to see an increase in online demand, but there are specific products that will be popular not only on a brand’s website but also in many eCommerce marketplaces. The highest increase in demand has been for food and personal healthcare, followed by toys, hobbies, and DIY products. However, there was an overall increase in the demand for many other retail products and services available online.

The following products are predicted to see more views and purchases in 2022. 

Square Neck Dress

The elegant silhouette of a square neck dress transcends time and fads. The square neckline shows off the collarbone, making the wearer look sexy yet demure at the same time. More people are searching for square neck dresses as their form-fitting tops would suit any body type or any skirt or sleeve style.

Kitchen Step Stool

People spend more time in their kitchens, and one of the effects is the gradual increase in demand for kitchen tools and appliances. 

One of the trending products that consumers are getting for their kitchens is the kitchen step stool. As more parents found they had more time to experiment in the kitchen with their children, having a kitchen step tool made it easier to get the kids involved. 


Many people also wanted to improve their lifestyle and stay healthy, and with it came a change in their diets and food choices. Microgreens have become popular with many consumers as they are rich in flavor and nutrients. Also known as baby greens, they make a good addition to any kind of diet.

Curling Headband

Social media has made curling headbands popular. It is a hair styling tool that requires no heat and promises not to damage hair. Many people with hair long look for ways to care for their hair that did not require electricity and would not cause damage. This trend first became popular on TikTok and is now becoming a trending product on many eCommerce sites.

Cat Cactus Scratcher 

People spending more time at home also meant that they spent more time with their pets, and with it came more orders for pet care products, such as cat scratchers. These feline toys are indispensable for house cats, as they could destroy furniture if they don’t have cat scratching toys. 

eCommerce trends continue to change industries

The retail and eCommerce business landscape continues to change, along with its changes in people’s tastes and ways of shopping for their favorite brands and services. The development and progress of digital technology, AI, and machine learning will also change how companies track and study consumer behavior. 

As a result, they can adjust their marketing and advertising approaches and strategies.  All of these will help forecast the next products that consumers will buy, and will continue to change how people use and interact with technology. 

About the author: Keren Dinkin had seven years of work experience in digital marketing and e-commerce before shifting gears and becoming a full-time content writer. She loves words and the power they hold, which explains her passion for writing.