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Store of the month: Outlet Magic

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Adwisely was built to help eCommerce store owners save time and money by fully automating Facebook and Google ads for them. Through the years, we were honoured to work with thousands of amazing online stores around the world. We thought it’d be great to tell you at least about some of them, so meet the store of the month 💚

Outlet Magic

Platform: 🟢 Shopify
Primary product category: 🛋️ Furniture
Primary market: 🇸🇪 Sweden
Adwisely user since: 📅 July 2022

Outlet Magic is a furniture and accessories store powered by Shopify. It can help you add a touch of coziness to any room, be it a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even an office. Outlet Magic won’t settle for white & boring furniture – they offer darker, more unique shades for those who dare to try something new.

What makes them special

Designed for smaller living spaces, furniture from Outlet Magic is both minimalistic and elegant. The colors they offer will fit perfectly into any interior, while subtle gold, wood and iron elements add a touch of unique style.

Each of Outlet Magic’s product pages shows the dimensions of the product, its images in the interior and pictures with focus on detail – this makes shopping with them both extremely satisfying and free of unpleasant surprises.

Outlet Magic goes above and beyond when it comes to providing excellent customer service – their support reps are available 24/7 to match the lifestyle and schedule of any of their customers.

What ads they run

First, they focused on attracting brand new visitors to their website with the help of Prospecting ads. Ads showing their best-selling products and a nice 10% discount code for the first purchase were shown to people who shared interests with their current customer base.

Prospecting ad on Facebook powered by Adwisely

These ads helped Outlet Magic reach out to 13k+ potential customers and get them to discover a selection of great furniture for small homes.

To re-engage “window shoppers” and turn them into customers, Outlet Magic created a Retargeting campaign, too

Dynamic tag gets replaced by the name of the product in the ad

To further personalize the ads, Outlet Magic chose to include a dynamic tag into the ad text. Dynamic tags are placeholders that display the name or price of the product featured in the ad.

What they love about Adwisely

Adwisely is happy to provide consistently good ROI to Outlet Magic. We are confident that together we can work miracles and help more people discover and fall in love with their dark & stylish furniture.

Here’s what the Outlet Magic owner recently said about Adwisely:

I have worked with this team for several months and and they really know what they are doing. […] They are very professional and they really know how to take care of their customers. […] Thanks to these guys my conversion rate has skyrocketed and even went beyond to fix my issues. […] Totally recommend this app and team

Read the full review here

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