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RetargetApp becomes Adwisely

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Today is a big day for our company, as we would like to officially announce that RetargetApp is getting a new name.

From now on, the most efficient online ad tool for eCommerce stores will be called Adwisely 💚

Why change the name?

We created RetargetApp as a simple solution for Retargeting ads on Facebook back in 2015. Since then, we have grown and developed:

  • we introduced a handful of other advertising tactics, such as ProspectingCross-Sell, and Special Offer;
  • we added a possibility to run and manage Google ads right from the RetargetApp dashboard;
  • we started to offer services of a dedicated Personal Ad Manager free of charge.

All this helped us bring $1B+ worth of orders to our users in 2020 alone.

All this also means that we have outgrown our name – it just does not reflect all the benefits we offer to eCommerce stores.

Adwisely isn’t just a blog—we’re a team of experts who can run efficient ads for your online store Level up your ads

Why Adwisely?

It took us quite a while to choose a new name. We wanted to make sure that it represents all the current and planned app features and shows that we believe in sharing the knowledge and expertise.

The new name had to sound good – or even great – for the users, too. This is why we gathered valuable feedback from both loyal and new customers.

After brainstorming, shortlisting, discussing, and evaluating over 500 new name options, we chose “Adwisely” – it is simple yet elegant and does its job perfectly well.

We run ads for you. We do it wisely. We are Adwisely – and we are looking forward to helping you sell more.

What else is changing?

Do not worry – all the great stuff you loved about RetargetApp is staying. Our ads will still bring you great returns, our Customer Support team will still be super happy to help you 7 days a week, and your Ad Manager will still take care of your ads while you focus on other crucial tasks.

What we will add is Custom Campaigns – they will help you get more orders with the ad settings and targeting that are tailored specifically for your business and industry. 

You will also see a few new ad platforms added to Adwisely. Will it be Twitter? Or, perhaps, Pinterest? Well, we do not want to ruin the surprise, so stay tuned for updates in 2022.

Our new website is – all the necessary info will appear there soon.

RetargetApp becomes Adwisely. We are super excited to share this new chapter of our history with you 💚