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How to install Pixel on BigCommerce store: Step-by-step instruction

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The Internet is arguably one of the best things to ever happen to entrepreneurs. The massive explosion of e-commerce stores is being driven by an increase in the number of online platforms that make it easy for people to create online stores.

BigCommerce is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, with an estimated 50,000 online stores. It’s the perfect choice for starting an online store in almost any industry, thanks to the many themes and plugins available to customize and optimize your store.

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Just like any other online store, your BigCommerce site must be optimized for search engines in order to rank well and attract customers from search engines and social networks. Today, it’s impossible to imagine marketing without social media: Facebook and Instagram are the dominant social media sites for e-commerce stores.

Why is it necessary to add Facebook Pixel to BigCommerce?

BigCommerce Stores contain the products and services you want to sell. The platform helps with store management, takes care of logistics, payment, and other things, but does not give an idea of ​​who your customer is and how they found out about your product. Fortunately, there are many marketing tools that will give you a complete understanding of who your target audience is and help you to optimize your advertising campaigns. One of the essential BigCommerce conversion tracking tools for tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is Meta Pixel. Facebook (now Meta) is used by 47.6% of BigCommerce stores.

Data: Store Leads

If you are advertising on Facebook, then Facebook pixel installation is necessary for you.

When using Meta Pixel for your BigCommerce Store, you will be able to track when a user:

  • Adds something to the cart
  • Adds something to their wishlist
  • Adds payment information
  • Completes a registration
  • Adds contact information
  • Makes a donation
  • Indicates their product personalization preferences
  • Initiates purchase
  • Finalizes a purchase
  • Finds a place
  • Completes a lead formead
  • Creates a plan
  • Starts a trial
  • Places a search query
  • Makes a subscription
  • Sends an application
  • Views content

Meta (formerly Facebook) Pixel tracks user actions from the moment they interact with Facebook ads for your store. Essentially, they follow users and mark their behavior, so you can create better advertising strategies.

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Short Meta Pixel overview

The Facebook pixel is a code snippet for a website that allows you to track ad performance, create retargeted audiences, and optimize ads for them. When someone visits your site and performs a certain action on it, the Facebook pixel registers this event, for example, when someone visits your site and views products, or puts them in a shopping cart. With it, you will find out exactly what event the client performed from the ones you previously selected during setup.

Please note that BigCommerce only allows you to add one Facebook Pixel yourself, which can track up to eight of the events listed above; however, if you’d like to add a few pixels to BigCommerce, we’ve outlined a way to do so below.

How to set up Facebook Multi Pixels on BigCommerce

Step 1: Install the application Omega Multi Facebook Pixels. To do this, go to the BigCommerce app store and click the Get This App button, then click Confirm Policy.

Step 2: Go to Events Manager and copy your Pixel ID from there. Then go back to the Facebook Multi Pixels app, click the Add Facebook Pixel button and paste it in FB to the Pixel ID bar.

Choose the active status of the app and pages to track the pixel events.

Step 3: Click Save when done with all settings.

Congratulations! Your Facebook Multiple Pixels are installed!

Step-by-step instruction on how to install Facebook Pixel to BigCommerce store

Use integration or Tag Manager via Events Manager

If you use the BigCommerce platform, you can install the Facebook Pixel in your store without adding code to the page in six simple steps.

Step 1: To get started, open the BigCommerce page in Events Manager.

Step 2: Log in to your BigCommerce dashboard. Select Advanced Settings.

Step 3: Select Web Analytics. Tick the Facebook Pixel box. Click Save.

Step 4: Go to the Facebook Pixel tab. Copy and paste your Pixel ID. Click Save.

Step 5: Return to the Facebook Events Manager tab and click Continue. Enter your store domain and click Send Test Traffic to make sure your pixel is configured correctly.

Step 6: At the Verify connection point, after a short wait, you should see the red dot turn green, with “No activity yet” changing to “Active”. Click Continue.

Congratulations! Your Facebook Pixel is installed!

Manual Facebook Pixel code installation

Another way to install Meta Pixel code is to use Manually install, which means that you can simply copy and paste the BigCommerce Facebook Pixel code into your website in the “Head” section.

To manually add the Pixel code to your site, select the “Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself” option. Facebook will generate a Pixel code that you need to copy and paste between the “Tags” and the “Head” of each page of your website, as shown in the screenshot below.

Instructions to developers

Email instructions to a developer – if you are working with a developer who can help you edit your website code, this option allows you to email instructions to the developer.

How to change or remove Pixel from BigCommerce store?

If you need to change the Facebook Pixel you use, go to BigCommerce Dashboard, Advanced Settings, Data Solutions, and click Facebook Pixel. 

Click “Edit Connection” to change your Pixel ID.

The Facebook Pixel page showing the currently connected pixel and Edit Connection button

To stop sending data to Facebook, click Disconnect.

The Disconnect button in Facebook Pixel settings

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Why can’t I connect my Facebook to BigCommerce?

Read the detailed instructions of the official website on connecting Facebook to BigCommerce, and make sure that you have completed all the steps correctly. If the connection issue remains unresolved, go to the Troubleshoot section.

Where is Meta Pixel ID on BigCommerce? 

Finding a Pixel ID on BigCommerce is as easy as a few clicks. Follow these steps to find it:

1) Go to your BigCommerce account Dashboard

2) Select Advanced Settings, Web Analytics.

3) Check the box for Facebook Pixels and click Save.

Here is your Pixel ID number. 

How to test Meta Pixels on a BigCommerce site?

You can check the correct Meta Pixel operation using an extension for the Chrome browser called Facebook Pixel Helper.

After installing the app, follow these steps:

1) In the browser, go to the page on which you want to check the Pixel operation and perform the necessary target action there, for example, adding to the basket.

2) Click on the icon of the installed extension. If everything is configured correctly, the extension will contain green checkmarks. This indicates that everything works correctly, and the data is being transferred.

If any errors occur, the extension will inform you about it.

In addition, you can check the Facebook Pixel operation in the Facebook Business Manager.