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Adwisely announces $1.5M Seed Round led by TMT Investments

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Wilmington, DE – June 27, 2022 – Adwisely, an ad automation platform for e-commerce DTC brands formerly known as RetargetApp, announced that it has raised $1.5 million Seed Round led by TMT Investments with participation from Gaingels, Mana Ventures, Cabra VC, ICU Ventures, and a group of angel investors, including Wrike’s Andrew Filev. The investment brings the company’s total funding to $3.9 million. The company, which now offers ad automation solutions for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google, plans to use the new funds to integrate with more advertising platforms with the highest potential for the fast-growing DTC brands, such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter, before raising Series A later this year. 

As ad costs are spiraling by 15-400% across sectors, Adwisely platform delivers ROAS (return on ad spend) that is 2x higher than market benchmarks, and costs up to 10x cheaper than traditional ad agencies. It enables smart, automated ad buying decisions based on big data assets collected from thousands of their customers – eCommerce stores, subsequently reducing time and risk of human error and increasing the effectiveness of ad buying, and does not require an extra budget for complex tests. To date, Adwisely is working with 1000+ DTC brands from the US and Europe across categories, including a high-profile contemporary fashion brand KSENIASCHNAIDER, US-based urban and streetwear store Survival Miami and licensed fan gear store Sports Fan Island.

Additionally, the company announced a new growth solution that combines all benefits of Adwisely ad automation platform with unique human expertise for more complex and large-scale projects. It allows the company to meet the growing demand for ad efficiency control among retailers, and navigate any privacy laws and new changes that ad platforms are rolling out. 

“We have seen the demand for our platform skyrocket as raising advertising costs put thousands of businesses at risk. The new investment allows us to cater to the needs of even more advertisers as we integrate with more advertising platforms our customers rely on and help diversify their ad streams,” said Paul Matvienko, CEO and founder of Adwisely. “Our team of Ukrainian pros is now distributed across the world and working hard towards our big goal to fully replace the need in traditional advertising agencies for the developing e-commerce DTC brands with an ad automation tool-box that’s faster, cheaper, and more efficient.”

“Growing SMBs are inundated with fierce competition in increasingly complex marketplaces, and Adwisely is the lifeline they need to get seen and heard above everyone else. It’s hard for business owners to harness marketing and sales optimization, and while there are plenty of automation tools out there, very few are risk-free, easy to understand, and efficient. Adwisely empowers online sellers to deploy marketing and sales expertise typically reserved only for specialists with in-depth expertise in the permanently changing ad market. I’m proud to be Adwisely’s angel and VC investor. The company has grown fast, helping small and medium businesses in key growth areas: sales, conversion, subscription growth,” said Igor Shoifot, partner at TMT Investments.

“To date, there are 5 million e-commerce SMBs with high potential struggling with promotion and who are unable to afford agencies – which, in addition to high price tags, often fail to deliver results. Young tech-savvy generations add to the struggle as they are hard to impress with online ads. We have seen Adwisely help brands solve these issues and achieve incredible results, and we are looking forward to become a part of their story and contribute to their growth and success,” said Lorenzo Thione, Managing Director at Gaingels.

About Adwisely 

Founded in 2018, Adwisely (formerly RetargetApp) is an ads automation platform that brings increased efficiency to the ad buying process for growing e-commerce SMBs. Adwisely works with 1000+ DTC brands across categories and delivers ROAS that is 2x higher than market benchmarks, at a cost up to 10x lower than ad agencies. The company has seen three funding rounds for a total of $3.9 million from investors such as TA Ventures, TMT Investments, Gaingels, Cabra VC, Andrew Filev, Roman Kirsch, and others.

About TMT Investments

TMT Investments Plc invests in high-growth technology companies in a variety of segments in which the company specializes and has a significant amount of investments in Silicon Valley in its portfolio. Founded in 2010, TMT Investments has over 50 companies in its current investment portfolio and net assets of $283 million as of December 31, 2021. The company’s goal is to generate significant returns for shareholders, primarily through capital gains. The company is listed on the AIM London Stock Exchange.

About Gaingels

Gaingels is a leading venture investment syndicate in support of and representing the LGBTQIA+ community and allies in the venture capital space. Gaingels also supports its companies with a diverse talent and capital pipeline and provides an internal diverse board member recruitment advisory to help bring more diversity and representation within private boards. Gaingels invests in companies with diverse/LGBTQIA+ founders and C-suite leaders at all stages of growth, as well as in other high-growth companies resolved on building more inclusive teams. Gaingels is an ardent supporter the Diversity Term Sheet Rider Initiative to increase access to venture funding events for non-traditional check writers, and regularly co-invests with select VC leads across a variety of sectors, from technology, to B2B, healthcare and consumer, in competitive and over-subscribed rounds from Seed to Growth/pre-IPO.

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