Adwisely Pricing | Starts at $49/mo | 14-day free trial

The more you invest in ads, the more sales we bring 😉

Monthly Ad Spend via Adwisely

$1 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $30,000+

Adwisely Fee

$ 49 / 30 days
up to $1K in monthly ad spend
$ 249 / 30 days
up to $5K in monthly ad spend
$ 499 / 30 days
up to $10K in monthly ad spend
$ 1,399 / 30 days
up to $30K in monthly ad spend
$ 2,999 / 30 days
unlimited monthly ad spend

Here's an example of how Adwisely billing works:

Mark E., whose store sells leather accessories, got Adwisely to sell more.
He started with a 14-day free trial, saw great results and stayed with the app.

He paid a $249 Adwisely fee once he reached $1,000 in ad spend during his first 30-day billing period.

As he later increased his ad investment - and paid a higher app fee - he got even more orders and better return on ad spend.

Your experience with Adwisely may be different, but it will definitely be great!

To help you sell more, all plans include

Ad budget recommendations

Ad Manager

Seasonal Promos

One Dashboard for Facebook and Google ads

Support 7 days a week

Ad text ideas


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