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Online ad market is broken.

For 1m+ eCommerce SMBs, online ads are:

  • complicated — there are dozens of tools on each of 10+ ad platforms
  • time-consuming — keeping up with 1000+ settings takes up at least 1 hour/day
  • expensive — eCommerce SMBs pay up to 50% of ad budget to experts
  • unreliable — with all the effort, the ads still don’t guarantee high returns

Adwisely has fixed it.

Our ad experts designed, tested & automated key ad tactics so that you can:

Create a campaign In just a few clicks

We have a selection of campaign templates ready to use

Save time on ad optimization

Adwisely handles audiences, creatives and bid optimisation 24/7

Save money on ad management

Adwisely fees start at as little as $99/month

Get guaranteed high ROAS

Adwisely creates highly efficient ads based on data from 5k+ online stores

Here’s how Adwisely works:

You get Adwisely and sign in

We guide you through a short onboarding process—that’s when you connect all the necessary ad assets

You set the daily budget and confirm the ad text

We create all the necessary ads. During your 14-day free trial, the ads pass the learning phase

Adwisely optimises ad performance, runs A/B tests & scale the best-performing ads

You get sustainable ROAS growth

Adwisely lets you run a full funnel of ad campaigns on world’s largest advertising platforms


Re-engage your store visitors with personalised ads of the products they were interested in
Average budget: $48.60/day
Average ROAS: 760%

Prospecting (Traffic)

Acquire new customers whose interests and behaviour are similar to those of your current buyers
Average budget: $56.56/day
Average ROAS: 630%


Use Google Surfaces to remind potential customers about the items they left in the cart in your store
Average budget: $23.50/day
Average ROAS: 550%


Promote your products to new customers across Google Search, YouTube, GDN, and Gmail
Average budget: $54.50/day
Average ROAS: 480%


Reach out to new audiences and boost the number of store visitors with short videos on TikTok

More platforms coming soon

Our Partners

We are proud to deliver great results across a variety of niches

👜 Apparel & accessories

Average ROAS: 989%

“Adwisely helped our family business get 1,256% ROAS from Google ads”

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🎍 Home decor

Average ROAS: 705%

“Ads powered by Adwisely helped us sell $350,000 worth of our products”

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💍 Jewellery

Average ROAS: 789%

“I saw an almost 800% ROAS with Adwisely’s Special Offer ads”

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🍲 Food & beverages

Average ROAS: 1,156%

“Adwisely helped us get 2150% return on Facebook ad spend”

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💡 Appliances

Average ROAS: 663%

“Adwisely helped us drive 2,300+ additional sales in just 6 months”

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🌊 Wellness products

Average ROAS: 651%

“Retargeting ads powered by Adwisely helped us reach 400,000 potential customers”

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🚙 Vehicles

Average ROAS: 3,000%

“We got 8887% ROAS from the ads that took less than 30 min to set up”

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Here are just some of the reasons to love Adwisely:

Great results
The best app that I've used (and this is the 4th one I've tried.) Adwisely offers great value for the money. My ROAS is consistently good to excellent. 
Yarn Love
Full automation
Highly recommended. Instant coverage of your offer across multiple platforms. Set it and forget it app that brings you customers 24/7.
Fun Foods Canada
Amazing Support
Go with Adwisely if you need some professional help with your digital marketing. Their managers help me set up effective campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and find many new customers.
Easy to use
Does exactly what it says it will do! It makes the process of retargeting easy and digestible.
Puzzle Lab
Saves time
I used this app for the first time and it does what it promised. Saved me hours of work, can recommend 100%